House Cleaning

Throughout the Bay Area

Construction Clean-Up by Gabi provides house cleaning services that will make your
stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors shine.

Weekly House Cleaning - We only use green cleaning supplies. We will adjust the products we use according to the clients' needs and desires. You are assigned the same house cleaner on a weekly basis.  There is no long term contract and house cleaning may be terminated  or postponed on an occasional basis (with 48 hr. notice). Your cleaner will bring in all the equipment and supplies to clean your home, or we will use yours if preferred, and the cleaner will work off a house cleaning priority checklist we send you to fill out.  Your cleaner will return on the same day and time weekly, as arranged.

Bi-Weekly House Cleaning - This is exactly the same as weekly except that your cleaner will come every other week at the same time and on the same day as arranged.

Monthly House Cleaning - Your cleaner will arrange a day and time each month to come in to clean your home.  Just the same as weekly and bi-weekly, they will bring in all the cleaning equipment and supplies needed.  You will have the same cleaner for as long as they can fit you onto their calendar. 
If we are unable to send in the same cleaner, we will let you know and as we always do, will send in a quality cleaner who will do a fabulous cleaning job for you.